The 36th IGC was a dream for us, the Indians and our neighbours. Winning the bid was expensive. It had cost us profuse sweat and sleepless nights.

Driven by the enthusiasm to host the Olympics of Geosciences, we were giving the finishing touches to our 8 years' efforts. However, destiny was scripted otherwise. Corona struck, and we struggled with finding a date for holding the event.

But thanks to the relentless efforts of the medical fraternity, the governments and above all the resolute spirit of the people, the tables were turned again.

The resurrected Congress may appear as an insignificant event in time. However, it stands tall as a mark of the triumph of human spirit over disease and decadence.

We, with great pleasure, announce the unveiling of the 36th International Geological Congress - Virtual on 20 March 2022. We hope the 3-day event brings to you some smile, cheer and some of the best thoughts and findings of the world.

Look forward to seeing you!

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Our Speakers
Ozlem Adiyaman Lopes
UNESCO Natural Science Sector , France
John Ludden
President of IUGS; Bicentennial Research Professor, Heriot -Watt University in Environmental Governance, Former Chief Executive of BGS, UK
Indrani Mukherjee
Lecturer , University of Tasmania Hobart , Australia
Harsh Kumar Gupta
Emeritus Scientist, National Geophysical Research Institute, Hyderabad, India
Archana Bhattacharyya
Former Director, Indian Institute of Geomagnetism, Mumbai; INSA Honorary Scientist
Kathalene Campbell
Geologist / Astrobiologist teaching and undertaking scientific research at The University of Auckland in New Zealand.
Chengxue Yang
Faculty at the Institute of Earth Sciences, China University of Geosciences Beijing, China.
Michael Bickle
Emeritus Professor, Department of Earth Sciences, University of Cambridge, UK
Roland Oberhaensli
Former President IUGS; Professor Emeritus, University of Potsdam, Potsdam, Germany
Victor R. Baker
Regents Professor of Hydrology & Water Resources, Geosciences and Planetary Sciences,University of Arizona, USA
Mihir Shah
Distinguished Professor, Shiv Nadar University; Former Member of Planning Commission, Government of India, India
Michael Paul Searle
Professor of Earth Sciences, Oxford University; Oxford University Museum of Natural History & Camborne School of Mines, University of Exeter, UK
Martin Van Kranendonk
Professor of Geology and Astrobiology, University of New South Wales & Director of Australian Centre for Astrobiology, Australia
Qiuming Cheng
Former President IUGS; Professor at School of Earth Sciences and Engineering, Sun Yat-Sen University, Zhuhai, Beijing, China
M. Santosh
Professor, China University of Geosciences, Beijing & Professor, University of Adelaide, Australia, Founder Editor Gondwana Research
R.J. Wasson
Emeritus Professor, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia & Adjunct Professor at University of Kabang-Saan College of Science, Malayasia
Madhumita Das
Former Vice Chancellor, Fakir Mohan University, Balasore, Odisha, India
Graham Shields
Professor of Chemical Geology, University College London, London & Editor-in- Chief, Geological Society of London, UK
Jan Zalasiewicz
Emeritus Professor, University of Leicester, United Kingdom
Frank Mugyenyi
Coordinator of the Africa Minerals Development Centre
What's New
Event Itinerary

20 March 2022
2 – 3 PM: Inauguration
3 – 4 PM: Panel Discussion

21 March 2022
2 – 4 PM: Presentations

22 March 2022
2-4 PM: Presentations

Please note: The event is being held online.
Registration is compulsory to join.
All timings are as per IST.
Timings may change slightly depending on the length of the presentations and discussions.

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