Indrani Mukherjee

Lecturer , University of Tasmania Hobart , Australia

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20th March 2022 : (3.20 pm to 4.50 pm IST)
Topic: The Art of Geoscience Communication and its importance

Indrani Mukherjee is a lecturer and a postdoctoral researcher in Earth Sciences at the University of Tasmania. She completed her PhD at UTAS in 2018. Prior to that, she completed her B.Sc honours and Masters in Geology at the University of Delhi. Her research aims at a nuanced understanding of ancient marine environments, via novel and cutting-edge geochemical techniques. Her research questions key concepts, and explores links between early Earth evolution, the origin of complex life and formation of precious mineral deposits. She has contributed towards 21 major research outputs in multidisciplinary high ranking international journals. She has so far presented her research at 18 national and international conferences and at international workshops. She was awarded the UTAS-Vice Chancellor’s Early Career award as well as the College of Science and Engineering - Early Career Researcher Award in 2021. She was also awarded the Commendation Award for Research Excellence to the College of Science and Engineering, UTAS (2020) and Royal Society of Tasmania Doctoral Award (2019). She was also the University of Delhi’s gold medal recipient for securing the highest marks in Master of Science in Geology in the university in 2013. She was part of the team awarded the prestigious 2016 Australian Museum’s Eureka Prize for multidisciplinary research, and have won several individual prizes for science communication, including at the 2018 Australian Geoscience Council Convention. She has also regularly contributed to public outreach, including Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) – Australia’s national broadcaster, National Science Week, local and national radio interviews.

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20 March 2022
2 – 3 PM: Inauguration
3 – 4 PM: Panel Discussion

21 March 2022
2 – 4 PM: Presentations

22 March 2022
2-4 PM: Presentations

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